Monday, March 7, 2016

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Happy Monday everyone! I've been living in this Tobi jumpsuit and have posted over 5 photos of this outfit on my IG (@joanndoan) -- and if you don't know, that's a lot of pics for one outfit lol I think it's about time I posted it on the blog. I can't seem to stop posting this jumpsuit. I seriously just really love it! If I could, I'd wear it to the next several events but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get away with that.

Photographer babe: Marilyn Noir

What I Wore: Jumpsuit: Shop Tobi | Sunnies: Quay Australia | Bag: Saint Laurent | Choker: Forever 21

Fashion Tip: Today's tip is simple. ALWAYS. HAVE. BOOBY. TAPE.

Monday's are hard for everyone but instead of thinking why is the weekend over, try thinking that you have a fresh new week to be productive. It's all about how we perceive things. Recently, I've caught wind of some disturbing things. Apparently, high school gossip still exists even in our 30's... that's so unfortunate. It took me a few wooh-sah's to remember that insecure people will always whisper and create drama because that's all they can do to feel whole. If you don't have purpose or vision for your own life, you'll always find reasons to create problems in others.

Choose to start your Monday and everyday with positive thinking and a sense of purpose. I'm blessed everyday to have the opportunity to not only pursue a career in financial planning but to also maintain my love of fashion and creative outlet. So, as it is said, don't sweat the small stuff.. and by this I think they also mean don't sweat the small people either.

I get deep on Monday's.


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