Friday, April 26, 2013

first off. i'd like to say MAJOR CONGRATS to my beautiful gf ALEXANDRA LIMON for being the first girl in our group to get HITCHED! your wedding was gorgeous and uber sweet. made me almost wanna get married myself!
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now. for the reception outfit. i wanted to wear something a little fancy because well, let's be real here. there really aren't a lot of dressy occasions anymore. i've been lusting for a pleated skirt with a thigh high slit that wasn't made of like that typical cotton-y material but i couldn't find it anywhere. i decided to ask my haute-mazing designer gf (who's the stylist for shop gypsum) to just make one for me. (she made custom made a vegas dress for me before too - FYI it was hot shit.) ok, so anyways, i just showed her what i wanted the skirt to look like and BAM, this is how it came out.
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what i wore: amazing customized dee do pleated skirt with my oh-so-high but classy slit, that i totally dubbed the "JO" skirt, bakers heels, luna boutique gold plated belt and a onesie body suit that i stole from my roomie's closet.

there's really nothing better than finding exactly what you're looking for AND knowing that there's not another skirt like that at any store. it's by far my favorite piece right now. i just need another excuse to wear it again.

unapologetically me,
xx -jo

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  1. Sexy!!! Love that skirt and the color too!


    1. thank you! i'm in love with the mustard color too!

      xx -Jo

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