Monday, April 29, 2013

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(rings are from papers and peonies and luna b)

i'm sure if i can figure out how to do my own nails, i'd save a boatload of money. but then again, i wouldn't have those fun convos with my nail lady. major gossip sesh. does anyone remember the anjelah johnson nail salon comedy bit?! it so totally does go down like that. word of advice for the non-asians: if you're visiting a nail salon for the first time, bring one of your asian friends! lol #justsayin

so i'm all about the stiletto nail trend, but i can't function if my nails are too long. so this is like a shorter, less pointy version of it. i did a white base with a thin black border around it to make it pop. i love trying different styles and polishes and so far, everyone seems to love this style.

here are some other stiletto nail inspirations for you if you are looking to try it out:
stiletto nails nail art fashion blogger style blogger lover fashion live life joann doan
(nails from stiletto nails tumblr, dj diamondz, excelsior and young and pretty tumblr)

well that's all kiddies! stay tuned for my next mani monday! :)

um, happy monday?
xx -jo

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