Sunday, April 14, 2013

so, ok. i normally don't like to be an obvious fashion repeat offender, BUT my dear cousin recently called me out on this one piece that i keep adding to all my outfits! i didn't notice it at first but yeah, i'm totally guilty. it's not really a STATEMENT NECKLACE piece... however, it stands out just fine. the gold adds a little oomph and edge to each outfit. don't you think?!

invest in a $7 necklace, make 3 outfits
(i got mine at h&m but i can't seem to find it online for you guys, sorry!)
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here are some other options:
gold collar necklace fashion blogger lovefashionlivelife joann doan what i wore my style
1. dorothy perkins $22
2. dannijo $224
3. saint laurent $995
4. house of harlow $144
5. raidne $248
6. fallon crystal roswell $300

i'm pretty sure i wore this with like 2987354 other outfits but eh, i still like it. until i find my next "must-wear" piece, you might be seeing more of this collar. just an FYI!

xx -jo

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