Wednesday, April 24, 2013

where do you go to see your favorite bloggers AND shop their closet?? at the BLOGGER BAZAAR! i got to rub elbows with Wendy Nguyen, Jules and the Song Sisters - Aimee and Dani! all amazing fashion bloggers with impeccable taste. i was like a kid in a candy store. the bf said i was all over the place so it was hard for him to take photos of me. seriously couldn't help it. there was like a warehouse full of treasures and uhhh plenty of people there trying to get the same things you're getting. gotta get on it!!! but anyhow. i totally came up on several items. woot woot!

blogger bazaar fashion blogger love fashion live life joann doan LA fashion blogger love fashion live life joann doan LA blogger bazaar fashionista yummy food catered by La Guelaguetza, where the bf spent most of his time while i was getting free mani's by shop NCLA.

and so the madness begins... #dontjudgeme
fashion blogger blogger bazaar lovefashionlivelife joann doan my style LA
lovers and friends clothing fashion blogger style love fashion live life joann doan blogger bazaar love fashion live life fashion blogger joann doan LA
no caption need.
blogger bazaar fashion blogger lovefashionlivelife joann doan

now onto the GOOD STUFF!

hello jules!
sincerely jules fashion blogger blogger bazaar joann doan lovefashionlivelife sincerely jules fashion blogger joann doan love fashion live life blogger bazaar

uhh song sisters aimee and dani what whaaat!?
aimee song song of style song sisters fashion blogger blogger bazaar joann doan love fashion live life
dani song song sisters blogger bazaar fashion blogger joann doan lovefashionlivelife swagalicious with dani!

and my absolute fave: Wendy Nguyen
wendys lookbook wendy nguyen joann doan fashion blogger blogger bazaar LA wendys lookbook fashion blogger joann doan love fashion live life blogger bazaar
what i wore: beetlejuice pants, 3.1 phillip lim pashli, sam edelman spiked loafers and layered f21 necklaces

the event was a success. each blogger donated a portion of their sales to charity of their choice so anything attached to a cause is amazing. i got to meet several of my style inspirations AND shop their closets. can't wait for their next event!!

shopping is my cardio,
xx -jo

get at me! twitter/instagram: @joanndoan


  1. That looked like a lot of fun!!! I missed out this year. I love how your striped jeans match Wendy's top...great minds think alike!

    OC Style Blog

    1. i was thinking the same thing! lol i have a mini crush on her. kinda happy i had a twinsie moment with her. aww you missed out! there was a lot of cute stuff!

      thanks for reading! i love your louboutins in the lemon & lime post.

      xx -jo

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