Monday, March 18, 2013

you don't know this but i've been looking for these stick ons for the LONGEST time! i'm loving the new mirrored nails look. at first i thought it was a polish, but it turns out it's the same thing as the sally hansen stick ons but way easier to apply. anyhow... don't the look so cute?! totally kinda impressed that i pulled it off myself. i really suck at doing my own nails so this was pretty. cool. if i can do it, anyone can.
ok, so. it's called metallic nails by nail bliss and it's a pretty self-explanatory process. the only time consuming process is that you have to file each individual nail to fit yours. well... maybe it only took forever because i can't do nails! anyways. it lasts up to 5 days and is way cheaper than getting them done at the shop. stay tuned for more of my nail files!

happy monday!
xx -jo