Friday, February 1, 2013

1. in the CHAIR.... waiting for Scarlet to chop off my ends.

2. ever since i had my ombre hair, my tips have suffered. READY?!

3. can't go back now!!! SHORT HAIR DON'T CARE what whaaat!?

new year, new do?! no, not really. just time to freshen up my hair! i'm actually LOVING my short 'do. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna miss my long hair because it's easier to manage. there's so many different hair styles with long hair. NOW, i have to figure out how to style short - medium legnth hair. any tips??

Scarlet did an amazing job! she has easily become my main stylist. she was patient enought with me through all my hair color phases and through my mini panic attack while she was chopping off my beautifully damaged hair. idk what i'd do with you boo! xx

feeling like i should be in a pantene hair ad,
xx -jo

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