Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SO, I've been eyeing these amazingly gorgeous Stella McCartney holographic pumps. The only thing is that I've gone way over my shoe allowance shopping this month (3 in 3 days... #idie). Stella's are $760. GAH. Good news! I found these other holographic pumps from Forever 21 that isn't as amazing - OBVI! - but it'll do for now, especially since it's only $25 dollars babyyyy. Yea that's right, balla on a budget. What whaaat?!

Stella's vs. f21
I'm sure you can see the difference... BUT... see outfit post below:

It totally works for what I need it for. Major stand out shoes no? Paired with my necklace, it's holographic perfection!

gf's birthday dinner shindig OUTFIT:
Faux Fur Coar: Lush Clothing
Holographic Necklace: H&M
Clutch & Hologram Pumps: f21

totes magotes my friends,
xx -jo

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