Monday, February 11, 2013

UH DUHHH! Rihanna wins for sure! She looks amazing in this Alaia dress. 160512272CC00336_The_55th_A alaia 161029190CP00006_The_55th_A
I know I know. He beat her but aren't they so cute together now?! Such a good lucking couple. Hopefully they can make it work this time around, minus the hitting.

My 2 other faves: Taylor Swift and Solange Knowles.
Taylor Swift really is never on my list because I find her extremely annoying, but she looks hot and totally not annoying in this outfit.

DISLIKES: Carrie Underwood and Ashanti
mmm so yea. Sorry, not cute. Not flattering. That is all.

Gawd I love red carpet time. Sigh.

good day fashion lovers,
xx -jo

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