Thursday, January 31, 2013

accessories of the day:
1. Yves Saint Laurent Goldtone Arty Ovale Ring
2. Luna B spiked knuckle ring
3. crafted by talia personalized earcuff
4. No Rest For Bridget ID necklace
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
image (4) image (2) demo2
let me grant you 3 wishes... bahahaha... can you handle 3 of me?!

one of the rare days i make it to LA. i participated in Freedom Walk LA and was there to support Senhoa. there's always so many cool random places all over the city so every time i'm there it's like a mini adventure. i love the magazine stands there, so i had to stop by to catch up on my celebrity gossip! if i didn't get lost every time i drove there, i'd probably like to visit LA more often.

direction retarded,
xx -jo

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