Tuesday, January 8, 2013

isn't this what you normally wear to get coffee!?
IMAG0780 IMAG0783 IMAG0781 IMAG0782
Bardot fur jacket from Luna B
T-Bar shoe with chains from Zara
on hand: my daily must have - tall non-fat white mocha at 180 degrees with light whip & YSL goldtone ring

i think it's official: i am a coffee addict. it's not just my morning must have anymore. i seriously need it DAILY. this is how i spend my nights... getting dolled up for dinner and late night coffee runs with my girlfriend. it's a wild and crazy lifestyle, i know. it's not the life for everyone, but someone's gotta do it. bore whore to the MAX!

enjoy the breezy weather lovelies... before you know it, fur coats are going back in the closet.
xx -jo