Thursday, November 15, 2012

i seriously can't go a day without my coffee. if you haven't tried it yet, Vietnamese coffee is seriously the best stuff out there. possibly the most addicting too. i usually always have coffee with me so that's probably why it's always in my photos. eh, well. what can you do? it's either going to be my coffee or my phone lol.

camo page 20121104_143122
studded camo: zara
shorts: brandy melville
arm swag: h&m, rastaclat, marc by marc jacobs
rings: ysl ovale & luna boutique spike ring

ok, i swear we didn't plan this.. BUT i think it's because we see each other too much: booty shorts and sneaker wedges?! lol great minds think alike i guess!
i officially declared it a TWINSIE DAY.

xx -jo