Friday, October 12, 2012

scarlet (blush by scarlet) and i have recently been following an online fashion store called lex & mila and they just had their launch party last weekend! we got to swing by to browse, shop and mingle! it's really great seeing all these local boutiques pop up everywhere... that just means more shopping options for me! woot!

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they had a really cool DIY station! 20121007_123314
details of my outfit can be found on my last blog post: key pieces: leopard pants & soriya bra
page 20121007_130850
we added our studded DIY bracelets to our arm swag collection. lex & mila has trendy clothes and accessories at a decent price point. can't go wrong with affordable fashion right? sigh, time to go shopping!! until next time fashion lovers...

xx -jo

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