Tuesday, October 30, 2012

20121002_193815 {bakers booties, thrift sweater, balenciaga bag}
{jewelry mix: marc by marc watch, h&m, f21 bracelets, hoh1960 necklace}

it's finally sweater weather! one of my fave patterns to wear are fair isle sweaters. i found this amazingly comfortable one at a thrift store. can you believe it? it's still in great condition and i got it for such a great deal! you can't go wrong with super cute and majorly affordable. it was practically a steal. i'm pretty sure you know what it looks like but always forget what it's called so here are some examples:
{j.crew, brooks brothers, pink memories}

the cold is finally here. time for hot chocolate, smores and cuddling! lol, how can you NOT love this time of year? see my other amazing fair isle find from TARJAY here. happy tuesday everyone!

xx -jo

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