Friday, October 5, 2012

so remember my last post when i asked you if you were yay or nay for floral pants?? WELL, i was a yay for them and i LOVE LOVEEEE it! i wore these to work and within 7 minutes from the door to my desk, i got like a ton of comments. good things from girls and lame one from guys.

the bf thought he was clever... i have to share this:
he said "babe you look like you can be in a magazine."
to which i responded with "aww thanks babe."(little did i know he wasn't finished with his sentence...)
the rest of his sentence was "a magazine like IKEA."
men. they think they're so clever. lol they don't know fashion so no biggie!

here's how i wore my flower power pants:
20121004_180930 20121004_180921
[h&m pants & bracelets, bakers shoes, balenciaga bag, marc by marc watch]

remember my friend from Serum No. 5?? WELL, she was a doll and did my nails for me for my BIRTHDAY DINNER! again, i love having such talented friends! anyhow, she decided to do watercolor nails with single gold studs for me. don't they look amaze?! OH, you can get her polishes here.

last thing: the h&m floral leggings were only $10!! try the trend without spending too much. YOU'RE WELCOME.

xx -jo


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