Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so! it's about that time... halloween is here! so instead of my usual oh so sexy semi skanky halloween costumes of the past... (see below):

{hello nurse, dirty devil, fallen angel, sexy sailor}

i decided to do something scary and more legit this year. i convinced the bf to be a zombie with me and he was surprisingly very open to the idea... as long as we went with his theme: cop & convict. (if you knew us, you'd LOL)

my gf, anna (who claims she ISN'T a makeup artist) did a pretty amazing job of transforming us. i seriously scared myself.


ready to see my face?!


the cool thing is that all the crap you see on my face is just make up and tissue paper. i had so much fun playing a zombie'd out cop BUT this is the first and last time i'm going to do this. i'm not much of a make-up kinda girl so having all that gunk on my face and neck was ridic. PLUS, the scar was so close to my mouth i couldn't eat anything. OVERALL, i looked awesomely gross. thanks anna!

the finished product! ignore waldo. zombie'd out cop and convict. sexy aint it?! I KNOW!

you would think this was all done by a professional no?
thanks for zombie-fying me bear!
i can officially check this off my list and maybe go back to skanking it up for halloween next year. what do you think?!


xx -jo


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

20121002_193815 {bakers booties, thrift sweater, balenciaga bag}
{jewelry mix: marc by marc watch, h&m, f21 bracelets, hoh1960 necklace}

it's finally sweater weather! one of my fave patterns to wear are fair isle sweaters. i found this amazingly comfortable one at a thrift store. can you believe it? it's still in great condition and i got it for such a great deal! you can't go wrong with super cute and majorly affordable. it was practically a steal. i'm pretty sure you know what it looks like but always forget what it's called so here are some examples:
{j.crew, brooks brothers, pink memories}

the cold is finally here. time for hot chocolate, smores and cuddling! lol, how can you NOT love this time of year? see my other amazing fair isle find from TARJAY here. happy tuesday everyone!

xx -jo


Friday, October 19, 2012

page1 page3
[luna b blazer, bakers boots, balenciaga bag, members only leggings]

it's been a busy birthMONTH celebration! not enough time for blogging, BUT here's what i wore to one of my bday dinners at ruth's chris. i'm currently madly in LOVE with this luna b blazer. it's a major statement piece that doesn't need much tweaking. for sure the perfect go-to blazer for me this season.

xx -jo


Friday, October 12, 2012

scarlet (blush by scarlet) and i have recently been following an online fashion store called lex & mila and they just had their launch party last weekend! we got to swing by to browse, shop and mingle! it's really great seeing all these local boutiques pop up everywhere... that just means more shopping options for me! woot!

20121007_122117 20121007_122509 20121007_122517
they had a really cool DIY station! 20121007_123314
details of my outfit can be found on my last blog post: key pieces: leopard pants & soriya bra
page 20121007_130850
we added our studded DIY bracelets to our arm swag collection. lex & mila has trendy clothes and accessories at a decent price point. can't go wrong with affordable fashion right? sigh, time to go shopping!! until next time fashion lovers...

xx -jo


Monday, October 8, 2012

IMAG1944 IMAG1945 IMAG1947 IMAG1950 IMAG1949 IMAG1957
[lush leopard pants, brandy melville bra, steve madden sandals, no rest for bridget purse, IMKING sunglasses] IMAG1958
[accessories: lex & mila diy stud bracelet, h&m gold bracelets, marc by marc watch]

paired my loud leopard pants with my oh-so-sexy cutout white tee with a top knot bun for an easy peasy look. but my fave part of the outfit is my brandy melville soriya bra. it's the perfect undergarment to showcase the backless part of my plain white tee. lol keeping it classy, not trashy. grassy ass!

xx -jo


Friday, October 5, 2012

so remember my last post when i asked you if you were yay or nay for floral pants?? WELL, i was a yay for them and i LOVE LOVEEEE it! i wore these to work and within 7 minutes from the door to my desk, i got like a ton of comments. good things from girls and lame one from guys.

the bf thought he was clever... i have to share this:
he said "babe you look like you can be in a magazine."
to which i responded with "aww thanks babe."(little did i know he wasn't finished with his sentence...)
the rest of his sentence was "a magazine like IKEA."
men. they think they're so clever. lol they don't know fashion so no biggie!

here's how i wore my flower power pants:
20121004_180930 20121004_180921
[h&m pants & bracelets, bakers shoes, balenciaga bag, marc by marc watch]

remember my friend from Serum No. 5?? WELL, she was a doll and did my nails for me for my BIRTHDAY DINNER! again, i love having such talented friends! anyhow, she decided to do watercolor nails with single gold studs for me. don't they look amaze?! OH, you can get her polishes here.

last thing: the h&m floral leggings were only $10!! try the trend without spending too much. YOU'RE WELCOME.

xx -jo


Thursday, October 4, 2012

[h&m bag & pants, tory burch reva's, hat from the lab]
[h&m pants, no rest for bridget purse, IMKING sunglasses]
[zara pants, f21 leopard wedges, balenciaga bag, h&m infinity scarf]
[fashion outlet mint pants, bakers boots, h&m bag]
[f21 pants, sam edelman adena, balenciaga bag]

SO, i think we've established that it's nice to mix it up a bit right? right. anyhow... when i'm wearing colored pants, i like to make sure all my colors go well with each other so i'm not just like a walking clashing blob of color you know? not cute. my fave right now would have to be the burgandy and tan colored pants... they're perfect for fall and a lot easier to pair with than you might think. have fun, try something new... get some colored jeans/pants! :)

ok. you'll see how i play with my floral pants coming up soon! thanks for reading DUH.

xx -jo


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i've been wearing anything besides leggings and typical blue denim lately... not sure why, BUT i think it helps me not get bored of my closet. color your life a little bit you know?

red-horz [1. burgandy: h&m, 2. tan: h&m, 3. olive: zara, 4. mint: fashion outlet, 5. powder blue: f21]

break down of outfits will be in the next post. stay tuned! :)

xx -jo