Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i got an AMAZING opportunity to style the fall fashion photo shoot for Luna B!! i absolutely love all their clothes and jewelry so when they asked me to style their shoot, i was more than happy to. DUH!

here are some looks i put together:
20120914_172416 page7 20120914_185734 20120914_185750 20120914_172434 20120914_173052 looks #1-3:
look #4:
[one of my favorite looks! this sweater is uberly soft... a definite fall must have]
1 2
look #5:
photo 6 page4
look #6:
5 page3
look #7-8:
look #9:
8 page6 look #10:
this wildfox top is probably going to be my repeat offender top that you see me wear ALL the time. this would be my go-to outfit: leggings, easy peasy top and leopard platforms, oh yea.]
photo 8 15 14
look #11:
[photo is a little blurry BUT i had a blast playing dress up with my model hope!]

the photoshoot was a success. congratulations to Luna B for their success and upcoming expansion!! i can't wait to style the next shoot! i was surrounded by racks on racks on racks of clothes, shoes and accessories. no complaints here.

you can see their new collection on fb or instagram: @shoplunab

tweet/insta me: @joanndoan

until next time Luna B!

xx -jo

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