summer tank: statesman

Thursday, August 30, 2012

my go to tank of the summer... statesman tank from IMKING. LOVES tank5 tank3cut-horz
[tank: IMKING, shorts: brandy melville, shoes: creative recreation]

easy peasy.
summer ready.

xx -jo

b'dazzled bikini fashion show @ anqi

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

got my hands on the sold out leopard cut out dress from Luna B for the b'dazzled bikini fashion show at Anqi.
sexy. cut out. keepin it classy not trashy.

2 1 4 5-horz
[necklace & dress: luna boutique, bracelets: madison bleu]

fashion show time! 323002_490963070913889_402461576_o 193494_490968107580052_1347560622_o 461418_490966847580178_613271055_o 620959_490969260913270_1272975520_o

you can shop the b'dazzled bikini line here. they have a lot of really cute and sexy bikini's. summer isn't over yet and it's still like 100+ degrees out SO, you still have time to shop and beach bum it.

xx -jo

life with instagram

[my throwback thursday with mr. louboutin himself!!]
[my ootd & fashion diaries look: h&m necklace, NRFB purse, IMKING ring & madison bleu bracelets]

my life through insta: @joanndoan

xx -jo


fashion | inspiration | bloggers | VEGAS

one night. 3 pairs. born ready.
hooker heels, captoe flats & sneaker wedges.

first stop:
having a FOL moment with fellow blogger tiffy outside of marquee... you can always count on a night like this in vegas.. soo.. we got that outta the way.

now on to the GOOD STUFF:
POOL tradeshow
kid robot
i want a fixie!!
cutest baby dj EVER!
cause i'm FOXAAAAYYYYYY! lol don't judge me...
addicted to television
art by kreashun
oh you didn't know!? supah models (in training)
PROJECT LOVE with tina tan baby

one day i'd love to come back as a buyer for MAGIC.. dreaming big dreams...

xx -jo

What I Wore: Hard Rock San Diego

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

one night bang to san diego with my semi crazy girlfriends.. who am i kidding.. totally crazy.

day outfit: pool
IMG_2600 IMG_2594
fringe cardy: madison bleu
monkini: american apparel
body chain: DIY from sister

night outfit: club
IMG_2602 488169_4365337461150_631150040_n
top: f21
skirt: h&m
shoes: bakers

FYI, this is what the BEFORE looks like:

here's to the nights that i can't remember, with the people i won't forget. LOVE THEM.

xx -jo

boots in the summer

Monday, August 20, 2012

3 2 4

it's been 90+ degrees all week in oc and it's still very possible to rock your boots! i love year round boots and it's going to be fall pretty soon so you know what that means... NEW BOOTS!!!

so, anyways. even wearing as little as i am, i was still dying in this outfit because it's been unbelievably hot lately.. and you know what? my house has NO AC!!!!! sigh. well, i hope all you readers are keeping cool in this oh em gee i die heat. happy summer!

outfit deets:
top: audrey from Luna Boutique
shorts: brandy melville
boots: bakers
bag: balenciaga

i think we need a little nelly for days like this.. he's so clever.. thanks for reading!

xx -jo

leather and legs

4 7 5
outfit deets:
top: fashion boutique
skirt: f21
shoes: steve madden
clutch: luna boutique
ring: house of harlow

thank goodness for roommate photographers for always catching photos before i have to go anywhere. i've been looking for a leather mini for several months now and totally stumbled upon this one during a last minute shopping trip with my gf! great finds only come when you're not really looking. TRUST. i'm a happy girl!

xx -jo

Fashion Tip Friday: DIY Sock Bun

Friday, August 17, 2012

SO. i've been wanting to learn how to make the perfect bun for a good minute now.. turns out, all you need is a sock! don't worry. it's a new clean sock!

step one:
- get a clean sock.
- cut the end of it so it's open on both ends.
- roll it up until it looks like a donut.

step two:
- tie your hair in a ponytail.
- put your donut at the end of your ponytail, make sure you use your hair to cover the donut and start rolling tucking in all your loose ends.

step three:

the only reason why this DIY project happened in the first place is because my dear lover face friend kristen saw that i was about to purchase a donut online for about $10 and told me i can just make one myself... and she was right! so there you go, my very first DIY project!

now i wanna try to make something else!! yikes.

xx -jo

imking x vans

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[tank: IMKING, shorts: brandy melville, shoes: vans, drink: TASTEA]

it's been a damn hot week. too hot for pants, sleeves or heels!

xx -jo

body chain

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

photo 7 photo 5 photo 6
photo 7-horz
[body chain: diy gift from the sister, sam moon skull clutch, h&m pants, sam edelman spiked heels]

my sister loves me! she sent me a bunch of DIY jewelry that she made and this body chain one is my fave so far! it makes my outfit stand out like BAM :)

Serum No. 5: Girls Gotta Eat

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my friend Victoria launched her nail polish line, Serum No5, and i couldn't wait to get my nails done with her handmade polishes!

she's done my nails in the past, but now its with her new line!! EXCITED! she's so official now :)

photo 1 photo 3
Serum No. 5 Girls Gotta Eat gold glitter over China Glaze black leather with gold finger tip ring.

shop her polishes here.

Thanks for the mani Ma and congratulations on your first donation to Make a Wish Foundation!!

xx -jo

we heart melville!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

i love random shopping days with my pertina!

1. shopped til we dropped at brandy melville
2. picked up some skull friendship bracelets
3. scarfed down some delicious macarons

good eats. good friends. good life.

xx -jo

Crafted by talia, Inspired by yours truly, Available at Luna Boutique!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Remember these customized DIY rings/necklaces/earcuff that my roommate/photographer/paprazzi made for me?!

1 2 photo 14 photo 8 photo 7 photo 6

i should really be in sales. lol..
drum roll please.....


photo 9 photo 10
there's going to be a lot of eff bombs going around!
photo 1

my ear, neck and name are famous!! lol
photo 11
Luna Boutique: @shoplunab
me: @joanndoan
natalia: @itsmeehtalia

now available @ luna b:
"fuck you" "fuck off" and ekg rings, ekg (heartbeat) necklace, "fuck" earcuff

i'm so excited for this new chapter. looking forward to the next venture with luna!

xx -jo