oC Fashion Week! Supporting fellow blogger/designer Kimberly Luu that's who!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SO! it was oC Fashion Week at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the girls and i showed our support at Kimberly's Showcase. this is her 2nd year debuting her designs and i'm happy to be a part of it.

the fashion show was really cute. it had everything you'd expect a showcase to have... paparazzi, red carpet, drinks and a bar. but my favorite part was that it was in an art gallery venue too! i loved all the paintings that were there so it was kind of like an art gallery/fashion show/designer showcase!

ok obviously, scarlet and i had to get our coffee fix before the show.. caffeine addicts to the max..
outfit deets:
{urban outfitters boyfriend blazer, black halo tank, f21 leopard shorts, luna boutique heels}
just the girls
we got bored while waiting for the show to start so we took pictures of our current fave shoes
165830_447022598664910_719332755_n IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480

chuck jones art!!
. . . .
my favorite villain of all time!

here's some of the designs that caught my eye:
. . . . .

i didn't get photos of all of Kim's designs to this photo will have to do for now:

congrats kim on your successful showcase! it was a blast and we had fun!

my girls blog too! such fashionistas! :)
see kim's blog here: According to Kimberly
see scarlet's blog here: Blush By Scarlet

loves you!

xx -jo