oC Fashion Week! Supporting fellow blogger/designer Kimberly Luu that's who!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SO! it was oC Fashion Week at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the girls and i showed our support at Kimberly's Showcase. this is her 2nd year debuting her designs and i'm happy to be a part of it.

the fashion show was really cute. it had everything you'd expect a showcase to have... paparazzi, red carpet, drinks and a bar. but my favorite part was that it was in an art gallery venue too! i loved all the paintings that were there so it was kind of like an art gallery/fashion show/designer showcase!

ok obviously, scarlet and i had to get our coffee fix before the show.. caffeine addicts to the max..
outfit deets:
{urban outfitters boyfriend blazer, black halo tank, f21 leopard shorts, luna boutique heels}
just the girls
we got bored while waiting for the show to start so we took pictures of our current fave shoes
165830_447022598664910_719332755_n IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480

chuck jones art!!
. . . .
my favorite villain of all time!

here's some of the designs that caught my eye:
. . . . .

i didn't get photos of all of Kim's designs to this photo will have to do for now:

congrats kim on your successful showcase! it was a blast and we had fun!

my girls blog too! such fashionistas! :)
see kim's blog here: According to Kimberly
see scarlet's blog here: Blush By Scarlet

loves you!

xx -jo


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

remember my fabulously pretty nails that my girlfriend Victoria did for me?! WELL, i'm so happy to announce that she's officially rolling out her own line of customized nail polish! see her Serum No.5 Debut Collection Preview here.

some of my faves from her collection:
Reverse Glitter Ombre (Gradient) and Girl's Gotta Eat accent nail
Shrinking Violet over lavender
Day Glow even glows in the shade! i'm loving her glow in the dark polish!
Day Glow
Shrinking Violet 5
Girl's Gotta Eat

her polishes are available for purchase TODAY at 5pm PDT! shop her collection at: www.etsy.com/shop/SerumNo5

but WAIT. it totally gets better. probably one of the reasons why i love her so much. 20% of all profits are going to the Make a Wish Foundation! customized nail polishes, pretty nails AND helping an amazing cause?! who wouldn't want to be a part of that?!

(see her first review on Sparkly Vernis)

happy shopping everyone and congrats Vic on Serum No. 5! love you!

xx -jo

le bum in my white tee

Monday, July 23, 2012

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

outfit deets:
top: lush white tee
jeans: NRFB
shoes: sam edelman
sunglasses: dita
belt: luna boutique
rings/watch: house of harlow, luna boutique spiked pinky ring, marc by marc watch

fail proof: jeans. white tee. statement belt. spiked loafers. best part of the outfit... vietnamese coffee from Lee's. if you haven't had it before, you need to definitely try it. it will keep you wired for the day. TRUST. can't start my mornings until after a good cup of coffee!

xx -jo

Feature on LJS!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WOW what a productive month! i just finished an amazing fashion show for Senhoa and now i get featured on the LJS website!

no complaints here ma!

LJS brand is a SoCal based brand that provides the most fashion-forward and uberly practical accessories to fashionista's everywhere. i actually got to meet the owner of LJS, Laura Jane Schierhorn, at a corporate work function of all places and she is pleasantly upbeat and down to earth. i quickly fell in love with her purse designs at her trunk show in Long Beach and can't wait to see what she has next for the upcoming seasons!

you can learn more about Laura and her inspirations for LJS here.


here's a little preview of my featured interview on her "Cool People You Should Know" section. be sure to stay tuned for what's in store next for me and LJS!

until next time lovelies,
xx -jo

Senhoa: Cocktails for a Cause Fundraiser

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i got another opportunity to work with Senhoa for their Cocktails For a Cause fundraiser this past weekend. for those that don't know what Senhoa is, they're an organization that supports survivors of human trafficking by providing income-generating opportunities, social reintegration and programs for self-empowerment.

i first worked with Senhoa on one of their video shoots and it was actually my first styling sesh too! they're were amazing to work with and i was more than happy to provide my styling services to them for this Cocktails for a Cause Fashion Show.

(you'll see one of these pieces on me as part of my outfit)
IMG_2391 IMG_2418
(as seen in: vogue, lucky, elle accessories, etc...)
Samantha wearing the gorgeous Sophorn necklace
IMG_2396 IMG_2397 .
me and the beautiful Senhoa models
. .
would not have known about Senhoa without her. she's my #1 model!
IMG_2408 .

and thanks to my supportive bf for being there to escort me. it's not really his thing, but he was a trooper through it all!
outfit deets:
necklace: Senhoa Chantrea
dress: asos
shoes: bakers

see the video shoot i did with them for the Phoenix Collection in 2010!

thanks for allowing me to be a part of something so amazing and thanks to everyone that volunteered their time to make it all happen!

xx -jo

Quote of the Day: Stay Strong


H.O.P.E = Hold On, Pain Ends

there's no rainbow without a little rain.. you can't see tears in the rain. never let them see you cry. i want to be more than just the sunshine after the rain.. i want to be the before during and after.

he says it best.. "I'd rather have the one who holds my heart"

xx -jo

casual mondays: minty fresh

Monday, July 9, 2012

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4
keeping it easy breezy with a pop of color.

outfit deets:
mint pants: fashion boutique
shoes: zara
purse: h&m
jewelry: DIY EKG "heartbeat" necklace and rings, marc by marc watch, f21 bracelets
sunglasses: IMKING

ready for summer with mint & orange!

xx -jo

fashion tip friday: stay strapped

Friday, July 6, 2012

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
1. bakers bree
2. zara
3. bakers babe

out with the overly chunky platforms and in with the thin strappy heels. don't get me wrong, i'm still very much in love with each and every single one of my platform chunks, but it's always nice to mix in a few sleeker looks. they're not as high or thick so it's very easy to wear. plus, i'm not avatar size when i stay strapped with my shorter heels :)

xx- jo

happy first birthday ZOEYBEAR!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

she's 1 today! can't believe my goddaughter has grown up so fast... i've been with her since the beginning and it's amazing to watch her grow. she's the cutest, funniest and kinda weirdest kid ever! her mama is the DIY queen and my #1 paparazzo, so zoeybear is lucky to have such a talented mother. (you can see all her stuff on somewhattalented)

auntie loves you VERY MUCH! happy birthday zoey!

xx -jo

boom bang POW

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

by day:
photo 1 photo 3
1. IMKING united chompers tank & sunglasses
2. cotton on shorts
3. f21 arm cuff
4. bakers boots

by night:
photo 4 photo 2 .
1. IMKING united chompers tank
2. sam edelman loafers

thanks talia for always playing paparazzi with me on all occasions! i'm feeling the red, white and blue today so happy independence day to everyone! it's an amazing time to celebrate and appreciate where we're at today so, enjoy the holiday and be safe.

xx -jo