omg i want a baby girl

Friday, May 11, 2012

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of course monica rose's baby girl is the best dressed baby in LA! her mother is like the epitome of style. baby alaia is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! i can't wait to have my own baby girl so dress her up and spoil her.

but for now i still have my baby cousin to spoil and dress up. she really isn't a baby anymore.. she's more like a little lady now but she LOVES all my stuff. whenever i come to visit her, she can't wait to go through my luggage to pick out what she wants to wear first.

photo (2)
{winter kate peacock cardy, louis vuitton planner, bakers wedges, boutiqued sunglasses}

sigh... they grow up so fast!!! lol my next project should be baby making... ready for it?! -___-

xx -jo

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