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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SO, my friend victoria does the most amazing nails and i've been dying to have her give my nails some lovin! luckily me and some of the girls finally found time to meet up and have ourselves a little nail party!

1: ME
essie minty/sea foamy green with flower imprint, clear glitter coat and gold bejeweled ring finers

2: Kat
purple and gold! i think she could be a laker fan! purple polish with gold glitter and studs on the ring finger

3: B
heart tip shaped nails


thanks vic for playing sweat shop worker and doing all our nails for us!! i loved what you did on all the girls.. i can't wait for our next nail party!! next time i'll bring wine and cheese or something so we can fancy it up. she has an amazing blog called dorkifulditz, so go check it out for some cool nail tips/ideas/colors! if i was as patient and talented as this girl, i'd be doing my own nails. unfortunately i can barely do a base coat without going over my nail. so THANK GAWD for my talented girlfriends!

xx- jo

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