DIY: personalized rings & fingertip rings

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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SO. this isn't MY DIY because i didn't do it myself.. BUT-- my roomie/paparazzi/photographer natalia did! she's pretty amazing when it comes to doing just about anything. i told her i wanted to start a blog, she helped me make it happen. i told her i wanted a personalized ring, she made it. i showed her these fingertip/knuckle rings that i loved, she made it and put it on my finger while i was sleeping. she's pretty damn MAJOR!

so because i'm not good at making these things, i'll do what i know best. share it and market it. i already have tons of orders for the personalized rings for her so i'm excited! WOOT! more photos on instagram: @joanndoan

xx -jo


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