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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i had another nail session with victoria (blog is dorkifulditz) because i'm obsessed with her designs! my roomie saw my nails from the last time and requested that she do her nails too! SO, ready to see the amazingness that is victoria?

my nails for the week:
IMG_1585 IMG_1592
essie and china glaze gold flakes #glittergradient

roomie mich's bday nails:
IMG_1589 IMG_1591
essie lavender with studs! soft but sassy!

i can't even paint my own nails one color. still amazed at how victoria does her own nails.. on BOTH hands. AMAZE.
OPI with glitter gradient AND studs -- FANCY.

i think i'm addicted to getting my nails done... see you next week vic? same time??

xx -jo

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