summer kick off

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

birthdays, graduations, vegas, repeat...
it's officially feeling like summer now. weekend recap: congratulations to the graduate and happy birthday to the birthday girl! i'm not sure if i can survive rounds 2-6 but i'm downsies!

vegas encore pool party:
. .
[luna boutique fringe top, victorias secret bottoms, h&m tank, IMKING sunglasses] IMG_1700
happy birthday sleepyhead!

graduation party at ANQI:
IMG_1902 IMG_1904
[lush leopard pants, luna boutique spike clutch, christian louboutin pumps, anarchy street + handmade gold rings, f21 necklace]
congratulations cataline!

combination [epic fail] celebration @ POSCH club:
. .
[zara spiked blouse, boutiqued skull clutch, sam edelman lorissa]
we'll for sure have to have a do over for this night...

love my girls. love my life.

xx -jo

"life is more dramatic than dramas, more exciting than movies" mine sure is anyways!

Monday, May 28, 2012

i love going to LA because there are so many hole-in-the-wall art places. the place we visited was the LA Art Core Brewery Annex. it was a small gallery but with really cool paintings that came with explanations! if it wasn't so far, i'd love to go there every week... next on my LA to do list is to visit the SPRINKLES atm cupcake dispensery!!

. . . IMG_1876 .

my favorite painting of the day

some words of wisdom..
"...helps me remember who i am and who i want to be, instead of something else pushing me into believing what it is i "should" be."
"...knowing i didn't fail but i found out something that didn't work."
"in a world of endless capabilities, why must we all follow the same path?"

[anarchy street rings, seychelles sandals, rebecca minkoff mini mac]

random pic :)
we ended the day at gyu kaku, my all time favorite happy hour spot. he made me this smiley face to make me laugh.. cute huh? i sure thought it was.

all in all, it was a great day!! can't wait til our next LA day!

xx -jo

DIY: personalized rings & fingertip rings

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 2

SO. this isn't MY DIY because i didn't do it myself.. BUT-- my roomie/paparazzi/photographer natalia did! she's pretty amazing when it comes to doing just about anything. i told her i wanted to start a blog, she helped me make it happen. i told her i wanted a personalized ring, she made it. i showed her these fingertip/knuckle rings that i loved, she made it and put it on my finger while i was sleeping. she's pretty damn MAJOR!

so because i'm not good at making these things, i'll do what i know best. share it and market it. i already have tons of orders for the personalized rings for her so i'm excited! WOOT! more photos on instagram: @joanndoan

xx -jo

artsy fartsy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i had another nail session with victoria (blog is dorkifulditz) because i'm obsessed with her designs! my roomie saw my nails from the last time and requested that she do her nails too! SO, ready to see the amazingness that is victoria?

my nails for the week:
IMG_1585 IMG_1592
essie and china glaze gold flakes #glittergradient

roomie mich's bday nails:
IMG_1589 IMG_1591
essie lavender with studs! soft but sassy!

i can't even paint my own nails one color. still amazed at how victoria does her own nails.. on BOTH hands. AMAZE.
OPI with glitter gradient AND studs -- FANCY.

i think i'm addicted to getting my nails done... see you next week vic? same time??

xx -jo

Something Sweet

IMG_1667 IMG_1668
red velvet mini cupcakes with mini macs

IMG_1673 IMG_1672
strawberry nutella macs

Something Sweet orders for Mother's Day! thanks to Christine for ALWAYS making them for me whenever i order.. they were delish and the mama's LOVED them!

xx -jo

Ted Baker Spring Fling | Locale Magazine

Monday, May 14, 2012

IMG_1601 . IMG_1608 IMG_1612 IMG_1609
[i want! bow flip flops, coral]
IMG_1610 .
[i want! ipad2 case/clutch, coral]

from Locale Magazine's gallery:
{h&m mint knit sweater, boutiqued collared tank, balenciaga city, vince camuto heels}

kat and i made a quickie appearance at the Ted Baker Spring Fling shindig at South Coast Plaza last week. they did a great job at putting together a casual mixer with a splash of fanciness. they had a bartender, a DJ spinning and waiters serving horderves. their stuff was so cute but nothing fit me right! i'm dying for their flip flops with the bow and the ipad2 holder that could totally be my clutch by night.

xx -jo

omg i want a baby girl

Friday, May 11, 2012

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 8_25_08 AM Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 8_24_44 AM Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 8_24_13 AM Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 8_24_00 AM Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 8_23_39 AM

of course monica rose's baby girl is the best dressed baby in LA! her mother is like the epitome of style. baby alaia is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! i can't wait to have my own baby girl so dress her up and spoil her.

but for now i still have my baby cousin to spoil and dress up. she really isn't a baby anymore.. she's more like a little lady now but she LOVES all my stuff. whenever i come to visit her, she can't wait to go through my luggage to pick out what she wants to wear first.

photo (2)
{winter kate peacock cardy, louis vuitton planner, bakers wedges, boutiqued sunglasses}

sigh... they grow up so fast!!! lol my next project should be baby making... ready for it?! -___-

xx -jo

fashion tip friday: MINT GREEN


TIP: try adding something mint green to your wardrobe! my new fave accessory is my house of harlow necklace from revolve clothing. it'll add some zazziness to any outfit i'm sure. mint is all the rage this season SOOO get to it. if you don't want to invest in a statement necklace, try just doing mint nails first. that's always cute too!

that's all for today!

xx -jo

LJS Trunk Show

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

after she previewed her line at my office last week, i was dying to see what else she had. Laura from LJS invited me to her trunk show on Sunday and it was my first trunk show ever. i didn't even know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised! it was a very comfortable and cute little shindig with wine and goodies.

. . . . . . . .
[house of harlow necklace, balenciaga bag, boutiqued mint top]

me and scarlet with Laura from LJS. small world... scarlet is my hair stylist and she worked with Laura before at a smashbox event. Laura also gets her hair done with scarlet too! i met Laura through make up artist natasha dressler who also works with me at Kareo! so, did you follow all of that?

thanks for having us Laura! can't wait to preview your fall collection!

xx -jo