time stands still

Monday, February 13, 2012

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[f21 dress, bebe jacket, bakers sandals]

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Take a step back. Breathe. Start again. Today is a new day.

i needed a breather so i went to the beach to relax and clear my mind.. all i want is for time to stand still so i can have those little happy moments for as long as possible. sometimes, life gets in the way and i lose track of what really makes me happy and what makes me.. ME. i realized that life will always go on, even if i'm not ready for it to. so instead of missing out on all the amazing possibilities, i just need to embrace that life has its ups and downs and trust that i will ALWAYS be ok.

what i've learned: be strong during the hard times, because they don't last forever and enjoy the great times because they don't last forever either. what i need is BALANCE.

xx -jo