dangerously beautiful.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


i own both the spiked sam edelman Lorissa & Adena loafer. note to everyone that wants to purchase these: DO NOT WEAR THE LOAFERS TO THE AIRPORT. they totally pulled me to the side to examine my loafers. it took THREE airport securities to analyze my shoe to make sure it wasn't a threat. ALSO, don't combine the loafer with the aldo clutch below because that would really get you into a lot of trouble... how do i know this? it happened to me.
photo (4)
i failed the luggage scanning portion of airport security. they saw the clutch and thought i had brass knuckles!! i'm so lucky they didn't just tackle me! i just told them they're really cute accessories + shoes and that i'm really not armed and dangerous. no joke, true story. i live the life of a rebel you know?

xx -jo


  1. Where did you get your brass knuckle clutch? I have been looking everywhere for one!

    1. i got this one at ALDO. they have it almost everywhere now :)
      you can also check luna b https://www.facebook.com/lunaboutiquehuntingtonbeach

      they have a lot of cute stuff there too!