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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

natasha dressler

i got the pleasure of meeting natasha at our monday through friday GRIND in irvine. i'm so happy to have gotten to know her on a more personal level cause she is AH MAY ZINGG! she's a fabulous make up artist and has worked during LA fashion week, on many editorial shoots and celebs!


SO! what inspired you to become a make up artist?
as a little girl i would watch my mom put on her chanel makeup and i would just stare. i did art growing up so i always loved painting and color theory. i like mixing colors the average person would NEVER mix together. (one of my favs is flamingo pink and lime green..)

what are the perks of doing make up for celebrities?
you get your name out there. people look at you and go "wow you've done HER makeup!?" ....YUP! its also fun to be involved in the fashion industry and see fashion forward events

who is your fave celebrity that you've worked on?
Lydia Hearst - socialite/model. Richie Rich (formerly of Heatherette) roller skated her up to me @ LA Fashion week. She was super sweet and very humble


what are top 5 make up must haves that every girl needs?

1: Smashbox Cosmetics: Photo Finish Foundation Primer [$36-$42]
There are many ways to look flawless and this is one of me. Not gonna lie, I'm a late night girl SO falling asleep with my makeup on happens. This product pioneered all the "primers" you see on the market. Trust me, the other ones suck. This product is a cosmetic grade of silicone so its not only light weight but floats over your pores...aka IT WONT CLOG YOUR PORES LADIES!!! How awesome is that?! There are 8 different types of primer to address any issues with your skin. This product is used by countless celebrities and trust me; once you use it you're going to be ADDICTED!!

2: Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation [$68]

Used by Angelina Jolie and the cast of True Blood this product is unreal. Its a gel, light-weight foundation that makes your skin look like a cherub angel. I love to apply it with my fingers on top of my Smashbox primer and a little dab goes a LONG way. The foundation is costly but save your pennies, its worth it!!

3: Tom Ford Lipstick [$45]
OMG-if you haven't tried it then do yourself a favor and do it. The lipstick is light weight, hydrating and just gorgeous. "Cherry Lush" will be the most beautiful blood red and "Blush Nude" gives you that sexy nude pout. Rachael Zoe is DEF a fan and as she says "SHUT IT DOWN!"

4: Dior Show Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum (and mascara base) [$28]
Ok, this is unreal. This product combs through your lashes, curls them, makes them look longer AND helps them grow?! Get out of here! While this is on your lashes the serum goes through to condition, help keep the curl AND grow! I promise you after using this for a week you'll see a huge difference. Its definitely a different product than most of us are used to but trust me its worth it!

5: Garnier Nutrisse Cosmetic Wipes [$7]
These wipes are a lot cheaper than the MAC cosmetic ones and in my opinion much better. These wipes are oil free and remove all your makeup! They smell great and do not irritate the skin. Hey, when you blow all your money on the cosmetics I've recommended above you need something a little more reasonable, right?

describe your style in 3 words.
gothic/lolita - urban - classic. i love the color black, i love nike sneakers & designer purses/sunglasses


any upcoming projects in the works?
just finished a shoot with Julz the Huntress ( an AMAZING up and coming performer/rapper/singer/dancer. Lots of weddings and more shoots!


check out more of natasha's work here
follow her on twitter: @MakeupTipsByNat

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