what's in my B bag?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

my major necessities:
my berryWHITE: i will DIE without my crackberry. bbm is my life unfortunately, and i feel naked without it.

my LV pouch: i don't use wallets so this pouch works perfectly for me to stuff everything i need in it.. cash, cc's, receipts, business cards, etc. it serves as my clubbing clutch and a fanny pack so it's a must have!

my LV organizer: i've had this habit of having to write everything down since like the 8th grade. i will seriously have a panic attack if i don't know what's going on for the week. everything needs to be planned and confirmed in the organizer!

make-up and everything else: i don't use a lot of make up - at all. my basics are always with me: too faced bronzer and brush, mac nude/blush, NARS pinkish lipstick, and most important of all my strawberry CARMEX. i'm a chapstick whore. i will always have pens, highlighters post its and dryline with me and my handy dandy hello kitty band aid holder because i am very clumsy and most likely will always need a band aid at the end of the week.

wanna get to know a girl better? dig through her purse.

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