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Monday, August 30, 2010

mMmmm sooo.. one of my obvious addictions is my shoe habit. i saw these jessica simpson t-strap chunky platforms and completely fell in love with them.. the problem was that i couldn't decide which color i needed more. i literally agonized over which color for like 2 days - no joke. i know it's sad. SO i ended up getting both!! the red pumps are from bakers [i'm forever loyal to them] and that was love at first sight for me too.. ladies, choose your heels like you choose your men. you just have to feel that connection instantly. my purse is like a 3 in 1. it can be carried as a clutch, side bag and shoulder bag. too cute and the color is super neutral. there was no way i could've passed. so that was my weekend shopping spree. now i have to cut up my credit cards..

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