monica rose

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i followed her styling career long before she blew up as kim k's personal stylist. she is the woman i want to mirror my career after. she was originally the daily 10's stylist before she met kim k and changed her from head to toe! i mean look at the job she did on kim.. AMAZING. kim k wore nothing but skin tight clothes and heavy make up. now she is on the best dressed list every week.

i love the way she uses accessories to pull certain outfits together and how she mixes certain colors and prints with each other. her blog actually inspired one of the looks that i used for my own portfolio.

i want to do what she does. style amazing people. bring out their best features and assets and put the best clothes on them. we'll see where my styling career goes from here.. wish me luck! :)

visit her blog: monica rose


  1. you can style me! ill save up tons of $ and you can take me shopping :)

  2. You're already doing an amazing job so far! you have great potential and your ambition, determination and MOXIE!!! YOU FOXIE GIRL! will take you the distance! GOOD LUCK!
    YOUR FAN AND part of your supportive team! <3