Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lol so i found a new website that is very similar to it's a site where anyone can register and upload their day to day looks. the only difference is that this site focuses mainly on the shoes. it's a branch off of and since i've been working for bakers for the last 4 years of my life, i decided that i'm going to participate on this new website of theirs. it's called

so far i've won look of the day twice and i'm in the running for look of the week!! EXCITED!! why am i so excited?! becauseeeee... whoever gets the coveted title of "winner of the week" gets a FREE pair of shoes from bakers! it never hurts to add more shoes to my closet. im ALL IN. so feel free to log on to, register and vote for ME!

my two winning looks thus far:

these are two looks i've used for the blog before, and apparently they're a hit for the website as well! let's see if i win that new pair of shoes!!! :)