mr. christian louboutin

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i had the pleasure of meeting mr. christian louboutin during a shoe signing at his hollywood store in LA. he was so much nicer than i imagined him to be. i mean his signature red sole heels are sought after by celebrities everywhere. not only did he come 2 hours early, but he stayed long after the signing ended to make sure he personally signed every shoe that was brought to him.

but it was a hot mess. the line to get your shoes signed was ridick! people grew tired of waiting and for a good 14 minutes there was a mini angry mob that started a complaint towards the store. in the end it was all worth it, i got my louboutins signed. but this will probably be my first and last cl signing event.

the oh so wonderful line

he signed it: to PRINCESS joann :)

catch me on channel 7 news! lol..

can you spot me?

they interviewed a few people from the line

now THAT's dedication.

to princess...

he's such a cool man.

me and talia at the snack bar. they only had RED snacks.

[on me: zara blazer + ballet flats, frankie b jeans, diesel watch, balenciaga bag]

so that's the end of my cl signing adventure. i think from now on i'll just stick to purchasing the shoes and skip on the signing. i already have my wish list ready! (i hope the bf is reading this!)


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