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Sunday, April 18, 2010

so there's been a MACAROON craze lately. everyone around me keeps talking about it and saying how amaaazing these pastry snacks are. it's like flavored jelly squished in between 2 pieces of bread. kind of like oreos i think. so the boyfriend and i made a trip to LA so i can see what the big deal was all about. unfortunately as colorful and pretty as they are, i failed to see the greatness in it!!! lol i could honestly say i was a little disappointed. i would buy the macaroons just because it comes in all sorts of cute colors and in a pretty box.

but if you ever want to try it for yourself, the macaroon place is in LA and it's called paulette. YUM.

(dress:f21, jacket:h&m, bag:balenciaga<3)

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