bazaar so bizarre.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

jersey shore females featured in harper's bazaar magazine. why oh why.

the snooki "pouf" is still not cute. this whole jersey shore, fist pumpin 15 minutes of fame should end like now. i would expect to see them in gossip mags like in touch and life&style, but not bazaar.

HOWEVER, i will have to admit that they cleaned up pretty damn good for the after picture. it just shows what a stylist, designer clothes and a team of hair and make up people can do for you.

snooki quote: “I know a couple things about manners. I just don’t use them.”

very classy snooks.


  1. ew. i hate jersey shore. they're still ugly. you can slap nice clothes on an unclassy person but they're still unclassy.


  2. cant wait till season 2 of more snookie! haha